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As a top Twin Cities residential real estate agent in Minnesota, I have gained a deep appreciation for the struggles homeowners experience when they work with the wrong real estate agent. I have seen inexperienced and unethical Realtors jeopardize their client’s real estate transactions. I have witnessed their heartache, financial troubles, and legal implications as a result. The barrier of entry for real estate agents in Minnesota is low. Anyone who takes 90 hours of real estate education and passes the state and national real estate licensee exams can obtain a real estate salespersons license in MN. It is important that Minnesotan’s understand the core concepts of real estate representation in the Twin Cities Metro. The purpose of this MN Real Estate website and blog is to be a resource for homeowners to access real estate information from an experienced local realtor. We will help you avoid the pitfalls of working with the wrong professionals.

The Difference Between a Real Estate Agent a Real Estate Broker and a Broker Associate

A real estate agent in MN is a salesperson that is licensed to sell real estate. A real estate agent is usually an independent contractor that provides services to a licensed real estate broker on a contract basis. The real estate broker takes on the liability and oversight of the real estate agent and pays the real estate agent/salesperson a portion of the earned commission. A real estate agent has to work under a managing or principal broker. A real estate broker is often times the owner of the real estate firm and is in charge of the real estate brokerage. Sometimes real estate brokers act as real estate salespersons and other times they simply manage the operations of the real estate firm. Brokers oversee the real estate agents and are responsible for their actions. A  broker associate is a licensed real estate broker and salesperson that works under a managing or principal broker. Broker associates can work for themselves. Many choose to work for larger real estate networks and focus on real estate sales. Real estate brokers and broker associates generally have more education than real estate agents. They can work independently and/or hire real estate agents to work for them.

What is the difference between a Realtor and a real estate agent or real estate broker

A Realtor can be a real estate broker or a real estate agent. A Realtor is a title that identifies individuals belonging to the National Association of Realtors (NAR). Realtors subscribe to an extensive Code of Ethics in addition to belonging to the state and local associations. Real estate agents can be listing agents, buyers agents or dual agents. Listing agents are also known as sellers agents. They represent the seller and owe them fiduciary responsibilities. A buyers agent is also called a selling agent and they owe fiduciary duties to the buyer. A dual agent is an agent that represents both the buyer and the seller and cannot advocate for one party to the detriment of the other. Dual agency is also created when both the buyer’s agent and the seller’s agent work for the same real estate broker.

Finding the Best Twin Cities Residential Real Estate Agent

Great Views of Mpls from Top Twin Cities Residential Real Estate Agent from above the west side of the River looking East
Great Views of Mpls from Top Twin Cities Residential Real Estate Agent

The best Twin Cities Residential Real Estate Agent for you isn’t necessarily the best realtor for someone else. The real estate industry changes quickly and technology even quicker. A lot of twin cities residential realtors keep up with technology and real estate trends, but others rest on their laurels. The best thing you can do for yourself is to research the agents that have been referred to you by friends and family. Just because your friend or family member had a great experience with a local realtor, it does not mean you will. Sometimes even the best Twin Cities residential real estate agents get too busy. They may not be able to give you the high-level service that they gave your friend.

Realtor Reviews and Ratings

There are great websites for realtor reviews and realtor ratings. Some of these sites are easy to manipulate and others are highly reputable. Here are some of real estate agent reviews of top realtors in the Twin Cities.

Here is a video of top local twin cities residential realtor and broker associate that loves to help home buyers and home sellers throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN.

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